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Children’s pillow Memory Foam kids 40 X 60

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Memory Foam kids pillow in dimensions 40 X 70 X 16

Inner fabric: cotton.
Outer case: Nanoenergy.
Dimension: 40x70x16 CM
GRECO STROM MEMORY FOAM pillows ensure the ultimate comfort and well-being that only memory foam can offer. They provide the ideal support for the skull, neck and consequently the spine, thus being the most ergonomic sleep products. They are made according to the specifications of the European OEKO TECH STANDARD 100.

Pure Cotton pillow case

Fabric from 100% textile fibers of plant origin. Hypoallergenic and anti-acaric, has undergone anti-peeling treatment for maximum durability and flame retardant treatment.

Cooler pillow case

Made based on advanced temperature regulation technology, thus giving a feeling of cool and pleasant sleeping environment.

Aloe Vera pillow case

Fabric with fiber impregnation treatment in an extract of the Aloe Vera plant, thus acquiring its beneficial properties: vitamins, amino acids, trace elements, cell regeneration and antimicrobial properties.
All cases are removable & amp; their fabrics are made according to the European OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100.

Product dimensions:
Width: 0.7 m Height: 0.16 m Depth: 0.4 cm

2 years warranty

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