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Children’s bed car GT-1306

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Red crib car YOUNG RACER series with extra bed drawer to meet the needs of a second child bed, if we have a small room that accommodates two children. The car bed with drawer is the ideal solution when we have two children of the same sex, a small children’s room and we do not want to get a bunk bed. In design it resembles the Formula 1. The three-dimensional bumper, wheels, wheels, license plate, lights and flags of Formula 1 give the feeling of a real racing car. …And yet it is only a copy of a red classic Formula 1 racing car bed. Otherwise the drawer is used as storage space for all the necessary bed linen.
The dimensions of the mattresses are 0.90 X 190m and the second layer has a dimension of 0.88 X 185 m.
The price does not include mattresses.

The bed can be opened from whichever side you choose right or left, the choice is made in the setting of the bed Top safety certificates for the safety of our children

Product dimensions:
Width: 1.07 m Height: 0.82 m Depth: 2.1 cm

2 years warranty

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