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Cam Twin Stroller Twin Pulsar Beige

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The Twin Pulsar Beige Twin Stroller Cam is comfortable, suitable for twins, but also for children with a small age difference.
Best Product Award – Hong Kong Baby Products Awards 2011 at the Hong Kong Baby Products Fair.

It can be modified in more than 15 combinations with the use of optional accessories which you can combine as you wish.

Features Cam Twin Stroller Twin Pulsar Beige
• Suitable for use from 0-36 months
• Aluminum frame with adjustable and reversible seating units in 3 combinations (positioning towards the mother, positioning towards the road and positioning one opposite the other)
• Wheels with double metal bearings that are easily removed
• Front rotating wheels
• Soft front and rear suspensions
• Brake system and rotating mechanism mounted on the handle
• Using only one hand, adjust the back to the 4 available positions while adjusting the footrest
• Removable protection bar
• Reinforced seat
• Arms
• 5 point zone
• Adapters for mounting the port-bebe
• Bag with changing table
• 2 foot bags
• 2 hoods
• 2 rain and wind protectors
• Spacious basket
• Fabrics that can be removed and washed at 30°C
• Compact “suitcase” type closure with stroller seat units mounted in any direction
• With carrying handle and support system
• Optional accessories:Port-bebe Coccola art. 871, Car Seat Area Zero+ art. S138, Car Seat Base Area Base art. S134, Safety Car Kit art. V483,
Base for port-bebe and car seat art. 700, Gloves art. 055, Umbrella art. 060, Umbrella with rhinestones art. 065
• Skeleton weight: 11.5 kg
• Skeleton dimensions closed: L59,5 – W45,5 – H92 cm
• Skeleton weight with baby carrier: 22.5 kg
• Frame dimensions with baby carrier: L59,5 – W155 – H133 cm
• Frame weight with car seat: 20 kg
• Frame dimensions with car seat: L59,5 – W132 – H124 cm
• Trolley weight: 19,9 kg
• Stroller dimensions: L59,5 – W132 – H101 cm
• Baby carrier weight: 4,9 kg
• Baby carrier dimensions inside: L35 – W79 – H22/18 cm
• Car seat weight: 3,7 kg
• Car seat dimensions: L44,5 – W64 – H58 cm

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